25 May 2011

Showing off my 'loot' from Renegade Craft Fair

Part of being at Renegade Craft Fair for me is selling and displaying my work and the rest is meeting people whose work I already know , buying from other makers and swopping work.
So this post is all about what loot I came back to Houston with.
First ,Sean bought me this tote bag made by FifiDuVie,which struck me with its simplicity and its just the sentiment I like

I picked this magnet from Pommes Frites booth by dipping my hand in to the stack and I think , no, I know I want to go to Sydney, so this is the start and I now have my magnet to remind me. Kristen made lots of fantastic stuff and her booth was beautiful too.

16 Sparrows made this packet of airmail stickers, and stamp gift tags and a free pencil too, thrown in the bag for good measure

I traded this chihuahua necklace( which you can hardly see in my photo) fromVerameat and Vera got a Bird Nerd mug and some mini owls, she also had lots of other rings that I wanted but most of them were too small for my big crafty fingers

I met Chris from Corky Saint Clair,and couldn't believe he came all the way to Renegade from Melbourne. This is one of his 'birdy' white perspex necklaces

........more loot showings tomorrow

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