24 August 2008

Slip Casting

this is my latest mug, not got any finished yet, these both need to be trimmed before firing

these are some of my moulds, for slip casting the mugs and a bowl, before i open them

18 August 2008

Art connection to Camberwell

Had an interesting email from Steve Ball in London the other day , he'd seen my photo in a website of the artist Tom Phillips, who also went to Camberwell Art College, where i'd gone from 1987-90

its a good project and involved photographing the same 20 sites 
in and around the area once a year for over 20 years
and i happen to be walking past in 1994 !

it really isn't a good photo of me
 but i am very chuffed to be in it never the less

13 August 2008

New Mugs, New Blog

so what do you write in a blog, i wonder
who is interested anyway
I think i'll give it a go anyway

I'm excited because i've made a new mould of  mug and have been casting them and will be taking them over to lisa's to fire them in her kiln, its the best mould I've made so far
It'll take a bit longer to get then finished though, two more firings after that
its a long process