28 April 2010

Mosaic 3 of 365 Project

a photo a day for 365 days is harder than you might think, some days its easy peasy, but other days the inspiration isn't there, but i'm treating it like a visual diary of 2010

22 April 2010

New Cheaper Mugs areReady

I have just got the new 'cheaper range 'of my mugs back and they'll be for sale very soon in my Etsy shop
I wanted to have something that would be more affordable as well as my more unique one off shapes that I make
this one is called 'pussy party' with images of cats on stamps all around it

this is the Yummy mug I've been wanting to make for ages

I also have the Bird Nerd one with images of brightly coloured birds that I got from my pal Poppy

12 April 2010

New Cactus Gardens

I was planning to be in my studio today, but did all sorts of delaying tactics and only stayed in there for about 15 minutes in the end.I did infact make some cactus gardens, I realised I just didn't want to be hemmed in , in my studio.
So I got my leather gardening gloves on and made these cactus gardens in the ceramic bowls I made.

They'll be available in my shop very soon