31 March 2009


I really like NinaInvorm's blog , there is so much on it, and she is such an inspiration, ceramics, screen printing, collage , photos and interiors.

I got another good feature on another blog recently, Apartment Therapy , glad two people let me know because I would never have known

16 March 2009

Julia Potts Illustration

I've been looking at stuff on flickr and found this girl, Julia Potts whose illustrations i really like, she has done these tea towels for To Dry For.

13 March 2009

Bamboo Tiki Pond

its a wet cold day here today and its Friday  the 13th too
but some good things have happened already!
1. its raining, so the bamboo is getting some much needed water
2. i got two mentions on different blogs- The Constant Gatherer and Melissa Loves
3. Tammy's tree is still flowering- its a pink orchid tree i grew from seed and planted the day she ( our one eyed tabby cat) had her eye operation
 4. and last but not least I have made a  Bamboo Tiki Pond- made from our bamboo from the garden

02 March 2009

Green Show @ Hello Lucky

I have some of my doggy plates and Holga photos at the Green Show at Hello Lucky this month.
The dog plates are vintage with vintage ceramic decals , fired on by me!
The animals are by Rene Cruz.