30 May 2009

Invite for Photo Show

Susan did a great job on the invite for our photo show at Antidote , opening night, Saturday 6th june, 7-9pm

25 May 2009

Studio Time

I had a good day today, it was really sunny and hot and it was also mine and Sean's 9th wedding anniversary, and I'm making time to work on my photo show that I'm doing soon with Susan at Antidote Coffee .
I was busy chopping up photos and listening to a good program on BBC Radio, where the DJ Gideon Coe was playing  an hour each of 1979, 1980,1981, so I just had to email him to ask him to play some Specials for me.
 I was more than excited when he mentioned that 'Carole in Texas wants me to play the Specials'!
I never actually heard the song, because I was in and out, but it was nice to get a mention.

22 May 2009

Friday Friend Feature- Janet Maxwell

I've decided to do a feature every Friday on a creative friend, this week its Janet Maxwell.
I've known Janet since we were at Camberwell Art College in London, doing a ceramics degree.
Janet is constantly making things, she's into knitting and painting right now, has a show of her paintings on in Whitstable, she may also have something to do with Knitstable, although I can't be sure about that!
Her house is amazing, airy and light, she has such a knack with colour, and her garden has been newly done by her Landscape Architect son, Adam.

She came to visit me recently in Texas and brought these fantastic faceclothes that she knitted, I love them!

I don't have any photos of her paintings, but you should check them out on her website

19 May 2009

Antler Magazine

I have an interview in Antler Mag on line, you can see it here
I made more cactus gardens, and sent the first one yesterday, via UPS, to Rhonda, hope it gets there ok.
Want to put some in my shop, but unsure on shipping charges, need to work on that.

15 May 2009

Entering Paradise

If you havn't been to Indian Summer Lodge in Houston, you should go.

Its a fantastic paradise garden and home that has been created by Jeff River Law.
Its filled with old painted chairs, little vignettes everywhere, unusual plants and arrangements, private seating areas, like a series of outdoor rooms, water, bamboo, tree houses and more.
 So much to look at.

At the moment it can be rented out for weddings and events, but Jeff is selling the place , so hurry down there to see it before you can't anymore.

I would buy it if I could get a big loan and I didn't have my own space to create already.
I can only hope mine will turn out half as good.
What an inspiration!

10 May 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mothers day
to all you mothers out there
 the day always reminds me of daffodils

05 May 2009

Cactus Pots

I had this idea last week that I would make my bowls more functional by combining my love of plants, and making miniature indoor (or outdoor) gardens.
Today I got my self a drill bit to make holes in the bottoms of the ceramic pieces and it worked, I didn't crack anything, just made holes in the bottom which are needed for drainage.Then I planted them all up and added a few stones to the top
I used a couple of pieces I made and some that I had bought from the thrift store. These are the results....

02 May 2009

Collette Patterns

I just saw this pattern for a great skirt, I want one! Shame I can't sew.
Can anyone make it for me?
Maybe a trade could take place?
Anyway, if you want to take a look at it all , here is where you'll look