26 November 2010

Sweet Girl

I took some photos of Marisa Avelar's wonderful wreathes, gnome scenes and shadow boxes as part trade for her helping me out so much designing my website and postcards.

She really gets my aesthetic and I get hers too!

She collects lots of vintage toys and decorations and pieces them all together with lots of loving care!
I recently got shown round her studio and she has organized boxes with 'gnomes' and 'mushrooms', etc. I really wanted to look through all those labelled boxes, but I restrained myself, Marisa did give me a very sweet little bambi that may have to appear in my christmas cards this year. Her studio is a treasure trove of vintage kitsch and cuteness

16 November 2010

Sucker for a bit of Faux Wood

Yes, I am a sucker for faux wood, and I just made these new planters, the plants seem a bit fragile to send so I havn't added them to my Etsy shop, but will be selling them at craft fairs over the next few weeks.

This one is made with fig leaves from the tree that I grew from a little branch that I got in San Antonio a few years ago. I'm enjoying making the new slab pots which have come about from teaching people how to make them in my classes

This little one is my favourite, but the worst photo of the lot! red and turquoise is always a good match