28 January 2009

25 January 2009

Love Cups

Love Cups
Originally uploaded by mccheek

fresh out of the kiln and just uploaded these to my shop, the gold decals are all super and shiny!

19 January 2009

cuddling and checking emails

cuddling and checking emails, originally uploaded by mccheek.

wondering if this will appear cut off, doing an experiment, as blogging from flickr isn't really working too well

05 January 2009

Holga Sunflowers

sunflowers, originally uploaded by mccheek.

I've spent quite a bit of time today scanning the negatives from my latest holga film,and now I've uploaded them onto flickr I just recently got the scanner, and I have to say its not my thing, its too fiddly and hard to not get dust and finger prints on the negatives, I can see why HPI charge so much!
I'll persevere with it though, hopefully it will get easier.

04 January 2009

New year's resolution

Happy New Year to everyone
This is the start of me making more work, not wasting time, not that I sit around that often, but Focusing on the good stuff! like getting more of my own work made, getting the garden to look better and continuing to fix up the house!
Now i've written this for all to see, I have to actually stick to it!
Oh and I got a mention in a lovely blog called HELLO-TIGER recently, from Sweden, I coudn't understand what she was saying though. But the other pics were things that I liked too
I liked her logo, made up of sign letters, tried to copy it in here, but can't figure that one out