31 October 2010

The weather is getting cooler, it feels like autumn is finally here, had the windows open today which is a rare thing in Houston, sun streaming in, lovely

I have had such a busy week and more ahead too.
Dj ing for Tina's fundraiser - got me in such a great mood
Designing tiles for the bathrooms of the new cafe - Black Hole
Making some new work for the Craft Fair this weekend
She's a Pistol at T'afia
Halloween - dressed up as my Dad, moustache and all

Busy, busy, busy like a bee

18 October 2010

McCheek's Stuff

This last week has been a busy one, with McCheek's Academy and various other new things including taking photos for Houston Dairymaids which was a pleasure to do and I got some delicious cheese to take home too, I love that place and they have the best cheeses.
We also got a great feature on our house over at Casa Sugar too which was muy bueno.

Life with our newest cat Bobby is pretty crazy, but this is one of the fewer peaceful moments with her big brother Bones.

I love my new desk setup at the top of the stairs, it really is my space , still needs a little organising but that'll happen soon.
Me and the cats can check out the birds outside the window.

07 October 2010

New work at Hello Lucky

My new schedule is kicking my ass - well its my poor time management that is. I love my new work life and am finding it really inspiring, but there isn't quite enough time in each day for all my to - do's. I will get there though, and promise I will keep trying to manage my time better!

In the meantime I will LOVE THE LIFE I LIVE and LIVE THE LIFE I LOVE - a saying from my very dear friends Rhonda and Chris

These are all pieces that I took into Hello-Lucky and I have just uploaded more to my etsy shop too. Millie needed to get in on the action when i was taking photos.