22 October 2011

Summer Camp Update

Now that I have McCheek's Academy, where I teach mostly ceramics I really seem to have less time to do things like blog and upload photos to flickr, so I thought I would do a little post about my kids summer camps this year - as more of a reminder for me as much as anything else, even though it is so after the fact!
This year the title was Crafty Boot Camp and the kids came for a two week period, every morning and they made lots of clay projects in the first week and the second week was all a
bout finishing off the ceramics and working on designing and printing t shirts, see below.

They also learnt to do some simple origami boxes and first made their own stamps to print a pattern on the paper for the origami box.

They made books and bound them by sewing them together and they were allowed to choose their own topic on what to write or draw in the book, two of the girls decided to write both of their books about ' Miss Carole's Camp' all unprompted by me.
- Much to my pleasure I must say, this is the first page of one of them...

I also taught cross stitch for the first time, and wasn't even sure that I would remember it at all, but my training from the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner school way back when did me proud, thanks to Mrs Sharman. We did a simple project which we ended up framing and they turned out really well.