18 February 2009

mention on the radio

i've been sitting in my studio tonight listening to bbc radio, to Janice Long , who was one of my favourite female dj's when i was a teenager, who has the most comforting voices.
well, i decided to send her an email, and she said hi on air to me about half an hour later!
probably my first time on the radio
the latest work that I refired didn't work, so i feel like i've wasted alot of valuable time, but i now have some advice on what steps i should take for it not to happen next time
to cheer me up i took a pic of my fridge door, which has fresh pics on it

11 February 2009

new work

I've been making loads of mugs and cups and bowls recently, but when i got them out of the kiln all glazed, there were bits of glaze all peeling off, not good, and rather frustrating.
so i'm off to lisa's again today to try refiring them to save them, keeping my fingers crossed that it'll work.
On a  better note, I got featured in the Editors Picks on Etsy last week with one of my mugs and also on another blog- Soolip