28 December 2008

Carbonmade- more ways to waste time

I found this new way of making a small website- Carbonmade, I like the format, its all about showing projects you're working on, and its free too, check out the start of mine

26 December 2008

Awake at 4am

This photo has nothing to do with what i wanted to write, but I like the fact that T Bone wanted to get in the photos, especially as it was in the You Take the Biscuit one

Seeing as I've been awake since about 2.30am with toothache, I've been on my computer and wondering what my next step with McCheek's Mayhem is- I really would like to spend more time making things, my full time job is draining me and not creative.
So I need to get a plan of action together!

18 December 2008

Another feature online!

I just got another feature on line today on Refinery 29, unfortunately I only had the one mug and it sold in the first day on Etsy.
I am enjoying this new interest in my work.
I'll be getting my moulds out this afternoon to start more casting.

12 December 2008

McCheek's Mayhem on DesignSponge.com

got some of my work featured on the designsponge website today, sold a piece from my Etsy shop straight away! very excited as i was ready to give it all up

16 November 2008

sitting room

sitting room, originally uploaded by mccheek.

sean changed round the living room so we could sit next to the fire, its our first day to have it on this winter,nice and cosy
Mark Flood's Owl painting in the background

03 November 2008

Ceramic Bowls

Ceramic Bowls, originally uploaded by mccheek.

going to get some of these in my Etsy Shop soon, i left them plain at sean's suggestion.

02 November 2008

'Bubbly Mugs'

'Bubbly Mugs', originally uploaded by mccheek.

here are some more

Bubbly Mugs

, originally uploaded by mccheek.

just got these finished mugs out of the kiln this morning, will be adding some to Karen's online shop- greenergrassdesign soon

22 October 2008

the beginnings of my domestication

calamondin makings, originally uploaded by mccheek.

on my day off from work I harvested the fruit from the small Calamondin tree(small sour oranges) and was very domesticated and made some bottled vodka and some marmalade, both experiments, we'll see what they taste like

14 October 2008

06 October 2008

Sophia's Doll's House

I got this photo from Susan , she had bought some of my handmade tiles, 
this is what they look like on a floor after Sophia (age 4) arranged them
- in her dolls house

I rather like the scale
maybe I should make some large floor tiles

01 September 2008

More Tiling

Today everyone was waiting to hear about Hurricane Gustav, 
inbetween watching the news
I spent a few hours tiling more of the bathroom with my tiles
I made about 4000 of them when i was  doing my residency last year at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft
Its a taken me a long time to get this far, hopefully I'll get them finished in the next few weeks though

24 August 2008

Slip Casting

this is my latest mug, not got any finished yet, these both need to be trimmed before firing

these are some of my moulds, for slip casting the mugs and a bowl, before i open them

18 August 2008

Art connection to Camberwell

Had an interesting email from Steve Ball in London the other day , he'd seen my photo in a website of the artist Tom Phillips, who also went to Camberwell Art College, where i'd gone from 1987-90

its a good project and involved photographing the same 20 sites 
in and around the area once a year for over 20 years
and i happen to be walking past in 1994 !

it really isn't a good photo of me
 but i am very chuffed to be in it never the less

13 August 2008

New Mugs, New Blog

so what do you write in a blog, i wonder
who is interested anyway
I think i'll give it a go anyway

I'm excited because i've made a new mould of  mug and have been casting them and will be taking them over to lisa's to fire them in her kiln, its the best mould I've made so far
It'll take a bit longer to get then finished though, two more firings after that
its a long process