10 January 2013

10 Photos taken on one day and posted on the 10th of every month

I was asked earlier today if I would like to participate in this photography project where we take 10 photos on one day and then post them on the 10th of every month. I have already decided to do another 365 a photo a day, but this seems like a good project , because its different and also that other people are doing it too and that helps my accountability!
I will post links to the other people who are in this once I know who they are, as I only found out about this at around 3 today.
So here we go, a mix of nikon D50 and Iphone photos.

 Sean, my husband

my lucky kitten, Mighty

 Some sparkles left over from xmas

My pink bird and light in my studio

Xmas Amarylis

Lovely colours of leaves

Ceramics made in my Clay and Cabernet ceramics class, picked up today by Ana

Parcel of lush from my sister Rachel in Scotland

More lovely colours

Double exposure of a neighbourhood tree