24 February 2010

Jimmy Jumbo Knitted Elephant

I have just finished a few weeks of knitting this little stuffed toy elephant - Jimmy Jumbo.
Thoroughly back into knitting now, but this is a one off made as a present for my Dad who collects elephants. I don't think I could make knitted goods to sell , they take way too long, so you won't be seeing any in my shop.

I found the pattern which is from the '50's at The Vintage Pattern House on Etsy.
Its been perfect knitting weather, sitting in front of the fire, and as I havn't been feeling like going into my studio much ( its way too cold to be doing ceramics right now and I needed a break from a few full on months of it anyway)
He is about 7 inches tall, and a 'footish' long

12 February 2010

new trainers

365/43 new trainers, originally uploaded by mccheek.

there's nothing better than new shoes, I thought I'd get some new trainers for my upcoming trip to the uk. couldn't resist the colour of these ones

02 February 2010

Studio Time

Been in the studio today, and after finishing off some new castings, I took some little vignette photos from around me, can't stop playing with my new phone and camera

Full size John Wayne pop up

Two Britney's, paintings that Sean did around 2000, she's became a tragic icon and now it seems she's back to normality

Small four colour print that we did of a favourite old record cover of mine - study for the large one