30 September 2009

O is for Orange

this is my first orange offering, its my birthday week, and one of my many things to do is to sew this patch on my jean back pocket

I think i'm a bit obsessed with this colour week, a task set by Poppytalk , its certainly a fun thing for me to do, and i'm thoroughly enjoying it, especially today, i love orange.
I think the rest of the week will be harder, but we'll see, I'm up for the challenge

My orange cat - T Bone, looking very happy - he's a big softie

my tiles in our bathroom

I just painted a wall in our house orange a couple of weeks ago, so its a good excuse to photograph it

and last but not least Dran gave me this fantastic orange mirror last week for my birthday

29 September 2009

Autumn Colour Week - Green

I've had a hard time with green, I've realised i don't have many green things, except of course many plants and my favourite v necked t shirt in kelly green, but no green glazes, no green shoes and no green nail varnish
this caterpillar is chomping its way through my candlestick plant
Ginko Biloba tree I got in honour of Rhonda
I know this bird photo is technically blue, but there's lots of green in it and i like it

actually after looking around my studio i've found more green, below is a fantastic green apple hanger from pakhuisoost.com, I've just seen lots of fantastic stuff on their website too

this is a painting by Janet Maxwell, my pal from college who lives in Whitstable
it reminds me of fields in the uk

28 September 2009

Mellow Yellow

Faux Wood Mug

I am being featured this month in the online market on Poppytalk Handmade .
This month's collection is called Mixed Tape, I used to love making mixed tapes, so the name brought back lots of memories.
stop, record.playback.rewind.forward.......... making the covers was as good as choosing the music.
this is a photo of the last of my tapes, why oh why did i get rid of so many

Back and front of Love Cup

Anyway, Poppytalk are doing an Autumn colours feature this week, and have asked us to participate, so I've started with today's colour, YELLOW, i love yellow just now, my favourite glaze is yellow, my favourite shoes are yellow, there are so many yellow flowers out just now, i have two yellow stools, i have a yellow wall
i don't really like yellow clothes on me though , the colour just doesn't go with my skin , but i'm always attracted to yellow nail varnish, but that also looks terrible on me!

04 September 2009

Friday Friends

Captain America- Sean Flournoy

Liza - Sean Flournoy

Sean Flournoy ( my husband) and Brian Zievert ( our neighbour and pal) had their opening of their show in the restaurant I manage this week . Above is Sean's image of Keith Moon.

There is nothing like nepotism for getting a show!

We had a hilarious photo shoot over at Brian's one night to get images for the show, it wasn't full moon, but the atmosphere certainly seemed like it could have been. Brian is holding his painting of the Astrodome
Sean's studio

'the terrible two'