28 September 2009

Mellow Yellow

Faux Wood Mug

I am being featured this month in the online market on Poppytalk Handmade .
This month's collection is called Mixed Tape, I used to love making mixed tapes, so the name brought back lots of memories.
stop, record.playback.rewind.forward.......... making the covers was as good as choosing the music.
this is a photo of the last of my tapes, why oh why did i get rid of so many

Back and front of Love Cup

Anyway, Poppytalk are doing an Autumn colours feature this week, and have asked us to participate, so I've started with today's colour, YELLOW, i love yellow just now, my favourite glaze is yellow, my favourite shoes are yellow, there are so many yellow flowers out just now, i have two yellow stools, i have a yellow wall
i don't really like yellow clothes on me though , the colour just doesn't go with my skin , but i'm always attracted to yellow nail varnish, but that also looks terrible on me!

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