29 September 2009

Autumn Colour Week - Green

I've had a hard time with green, I've realised i don't have many green things, except of course many plants and my favourite v necked t shirt in kelly green, but no green glazes, no green shoes and no green nail varnish
this caterpillar is chomping its way through my candlestick plant
Ginko Biloba tree I got in honour of Rhonda
I know this bird photo is technically blue, but there's lots of green in it and i like it

actually after looking around my studio i've found more green, below is a fantastic green apple hanger from pakhuisoost.com, I've just seen lots of fantastic stuff on their website too

this is a painting by Janet Maxwell, my pal from college who lives in Whitstable
it reminds me of fields in the uk

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