31 January 2010

365 -First Thirty Days

This is the first 30 odd photos from my 365 project.
I have taken the challenge of taking a photo a day for 365 days, I upload them to a set on Flickr, and post them to a group called Project 365.
Some days its really hard to get a good photo, and sometimes its hard to figure out what to photograph, but I'm enjoying it, even though I'm not always really pleased with my results.
I'm looking forward to looking back at the story it tells for 2010 for me.
I use all my different cameras, including my new phone, which is extremely handy.

29 January 2010

All The Luck In the World

I love discovering a new person on Flickr whose work I like, I don't even know how I got to find out about Jane Schouten, from Holland , but all I know is I am really inspired by her aesthetic, and her 'all the luck in the world' shop.

She makes all sorts of recycled vintage design pieces from furniture to good luck charms
The piece that got me hooked to her style is the christmas tree that she with 'useless but pretty' objects she has collected over the years ( her own words)

I 'd love to go and see her shop in Holland, but for now I'll look at her pretty pictures.

14 January 2010

Love these T Shirts

I'm really loving these hand painted T shirts by Jessalin Beutler , that I spotted whilst looking at the online exhibition space -Papernstitch

12 January 2010

Sean's Video of us in Marfa

Sean did this video of he and I on our trip to Marfa , Texas in November.
I love this song and the video too, my first time ever on a tandem,
I couldn't stop laughing.

06 January 2010

Photo Challenge

I've been thinking about a 2010 challenge for the beginning of the year, so I'm challenging all of you that have bought from McCheek's Mayhem to send me pics of my work( things I've made) in their new homes ( fantasy settings will be acceptable too)

* I think that the challenge could also be for people who don't have any McCheek's Mayhem goods, and are up for a challenge and a prize -there are ways of stealing images from the internet and playing around with them, know what I mean....not that I'm promoting cheating...

every time I sell something and send it off to its new home, I get very excited about where its traveling to, seeing as my work is like an extension of me, and I haven't done much traveling for a while, this is the next best thing

I can't wait to get some photos sent to me


and the prize ( a McCheek's Mayhem mug of your choice) will be given to the one that I think is the best

the closing date for entries is Jan 30th 2010
I will post the entries as I get them to my blog and notify everyone of the winning photo