21 May 2010

Loot from Renegade Craft Fair

I had a fantastic time at Renegade Craft Fair, I sold my ceramics and also bought and traded lots of 'loot' from crazy talented and creative people
It was so nice to be around such a big group of 'my people', I felt quite at home and realise I need to do this kind of thing more often . I got to meet and chat with lots of them as I wandered around
The first thing I got bought ( by my lovely husband) was this fantastic skirt made from vintage polyester fabric by a sweet orange haired girl going by the name of Orangyporangy

I traded this fantastic necklace with Danielle Maveal, I finally got my kind of rock, I'm not a traditional diamond gal, this suits me way better
I also traded this vintage french alcohol label necklace from Lucky Me Beads, and the beautiful bird necklace made from a vintage eye glass lens , Whitney's was the most beautiful set up, using old bird cages and vintage metal displays.

I have seen these T towels before online and been wanting to get some for a while, they are made by The Heated

I'm going to make a list of all the great stuff above starting from left top corner going clockwise
Japanese Polka Dot Tape - Tinted Mint
French Liquor Label Necklace - Lucky Me Beads
Texas Produce Calendar - Krank Press
(below calendar) Ceramic Rings - Lusterbunny
Cat Wallet -Eleven Eleven
Diamond Necklace - Danielle Maveal
Mistakes I've Made Postcard Set - Miss Natalie
You Are Amazing - Hello-Lucky
Bird Eyeglass Lens Pendant - Lucky Me Beads
You and Me its Love Card - Rar Rar Press
Thank You Notecards - Your Secret Admiral
Hen Card - Krank Press
Do It card - Rar Rar Press

13 May 2010

Cup Cake Stand and Cactus Cups

I unpacked new work out of the kiln this morning, its been a hive of activity here at McCheek's Mayhem headquarters, and very hot with the texas weather plus the heat of the kiln! So I've essentially created my own sweatshop, with me doing all the sweating.

This 'cactus in a cup' is made using cups that didn't quite make the grade as a functional cup ; ie seconds, I fired on the' I love cactus' ( I know its not grammaticaly correct but couldn't say cacti, because I don't think it sounds right) and ... drilled holes in the bottom and gave a new home to a cactus

This mug is a one off so far, testing Marisa's great idea of using gold lustre on the handle, it came out sooo shiny, but I will be making more after this weekend, I like shiny!

And last but not least, a Cup Cake stand, using two tiered vintage plates with ceramic decal words fired on - so Super, Yummy, Delicious
I have been wanting to make one of these for ages, and finally found the parts.
its so wrong though , I've mixed gold and silver, posh and punk, and to top it all off I got one scary looking cup cake from Kroger, would have gone to Crave if i'd had time, those cup cakes are delicious

anyway, these will all be on sale at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend, along with all the usual Bird Nerd mugs and bowls.

04 May 2010

Renegade Craft Fair in Austin

getting lots of work done for this, been in the studio glazing today, more tomorrow, kiln on Thursday, austin here we come!
With Hello-Lucky and Mayhem Junior.