21 May 2010

Loot from Renegade Craft Fair

I had a fantastic time at Renegade Craft Fair, I sold my ceramics and also bought and traded lots of 'loot' from crazy talented and creative people
It was so nice to be around such a big group of 'my people', I felt quite at home and realise I need to do this kind of thing more often . I got to meet and chat with lots of them as I wandered around
The first thing I got bought ( by my lovely husband) was this fantastic skirt made from vintage polyester fabric by a sweet orange haired girl going by the name of Orangyporangy

I traded this fantastic necklace with Danielle Maveal, I finally got my kind of rock, I'm not a traditional diamond gal, this suits me way better
I also traded this vintage french alcohol label necklace from Lucky Me Beads, and the beautiful bird necklace made from a vintage eye glass lens , Whitney's was the most beautiful set up, using old bird cages and vintage metal displays.

I have seen these T towels before online and been wanting to get some for a while, they are made by The Heated

I'm going to make a list of all the great stuff above starting from left top corner going clockwise
Japanese Polka Dot Tape - Tinted Mint
French Liquor Label Necklace - Lucky Me Beads
Texas Produce Calendar - Krank Press
(below calendar) Ceramic Rings - Lusterbunny
Cat Wallet -Eleven Eleven
Diamond Necklace - Danielle Maveal
Mistakes I've Made Postcard Set - Miss Natalie
You Are Amazing - Hello-Lucky
Bird Eyeglass Lens Pendant - Lucky Me Beads
You and Me its Love Card - Rar Rar Press
Thank You Notecards - Your Secret Admiral
Hen Card - Krank Press
Do It card - Rar Rar Press

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