28 May 2011

Part Two of My Loot from Renegade Craft Fair

I'm so glad I decided to get one of these bracelets, it was a hard choice to decide on the colour, so many to choose from but in the end pink won, I did try for the red with studs but wasn't to be. The girl from Thief and Bandit not only makes these but she also hand prints the material she uses, I was rather impressed by that.

My new wrap around skirt, I could live in wrap around skirts, this one is made from linen and handprinted too, from a crafty chick based in Austin - Craft Chi. Its brighter than the original one I wanted but i like it alot and it feels rather comfy to wear.
Talking of new skirts, the day I was leaving for Austin I got a text from Bronwyn of Freddie Barrett Designs to say she'd made me two new skirts, I'm extra happy with them and got to wear them at Renegade. Will get some photos of those soon.

I have to say that this painting of this cheeky bird has to be my favourite thing I got.
I ended up trading this for a Bird Nerd mug .
I had already bought cards from the Mincing Mockingbird so knew his work already and love the expressions on all the birds he paints. His listing descriptions on Etsy are great too.

Finally we got these coasters for Raya for looking after the cat menagerie, they had been printed during the Fair with a very nice small letterpress printer, but I don't know who made them? Woops.
The card below got me as I love shoes and trainers and the message inside is great, which I only discovered once I got home! But can't tell you what it is, check out Vrooooom to find out.

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