09 January 2011

A photo a day for a whole year - Part One

Well I finally finished my year of taking one photograph each day - my 365 Project.
It wasn't just about taking a photo a day, but making it a meaningful photo every day, something that would remind me of that day when I looked back at it and something
to record a feeling or event that happened.

Some days it was really easy and some days it was hard to be inspired, overall it was a really enjoyable project, and I only cheated ( forgot to take a photo on a particular day, and added one from a different day ) a few times through out the 365 days. I like most of the photos but not all of them were something I would have posted if it hadn't been for the project.

I started the year just using my Nikon D50 , but I got my iphone in late january which helped to give me some good 'vintagey' looking shots with the many apps that I've become obsessed with.

I am posting the first five 36 grouped photos and will post the rest in my next blog post.
I was going to explain some of them , but I have trouble editing my thoughts and feelings, so I'll leave that to you .
All the titles are in my flickr set of the project.

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