11 January 2011

Part two of 365 Photo Project

I'm posting the second half of the year of my 365 Project and we're now into the second
week of January 2011 and I feel like I'm missing something from my life, because it had really become a good habit to remember to take 'that photo' every day .

I havn't yet made the commitment to even start the project late, not that it really needs to be started at any particular time, as I'm not sure I want to do that exact project again, perhaps something different, like a photo of myself every day (could be cringey) or make something every day like Noah Scalin tells us about, which is very inspiring , but extremely daunting too, and I'm tempted, but if I'm brutally honest, I'm scared of the commitment for that one too.

I'm extremely indecisive this week, so maybe next week I'll take the plunge and go for another 365 'something'.

Does anyone have any suggestions they can throw my way?

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