02 October 2009

Autumn Colour Week - Red

Its friday, and its 'red' day, and the first thing I saw this morning was a humming bird right outside my window, i thought they'd already left on their warm winter holidays to Mexico, i took this photo above a few weeks ago, and the photo I got this morning is not red, but as they're attracted to red, I thought i'd add it anyway
I love those birds, they are so fast and determined

I also have a few red pieces in my shop including the Miniature Cactus Garden with a juicy red glaze and some red flower decals on my Love Cup tea set

I still want to be in Austin, after our trip last weekend, this Motel is fab, with the best kidney shaped swimming pool

I also got a few red things for my birthday last week, this beautiful Red Spider Lily from Kerry from her garden

Does anyone remember Smash Hits? well I now have the first 40 issues, and I never had the first one until Sarah and Jarvis got me a copy for my birthday present.! I was so excited. I was 12 when that came out, and that was my bible for quite some time .
November 1978 - 25p.
I also got this fantastic book - An Alphabet by Peter Blake from my Mum and Dad, very inspiring, as I'm so into fonts and lettering
and this is the last of the autumn colour week, I'll miss it, I need a new challenge for next week, any ideas?

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