28 August 2009

The Pros and Cons of Houston

Well, i've been thinking about the good things about Houston today, I went out for a cycle earlier and it only takes 5 minutes to get to a park which has large turtles sunning themselves on the side of the bayou, Little Egrets, hanging on the banks , (big white birds) , which at about two feet high are by no means little as their name might suggest.
Then there's iced coffee with Sean in the morning on our patio, the con is the mosquitoes, they're big and flesh eating, but if you remember to put lavender oil on after they bite you , they go away.

its awfully hot here, and humid, but i certainly like it better than cold and rain.
I looked out the window earlier and saw the first humming bird of the year.( in our garden) I love those birds, so to try and attract them even more, i've made up some fresh sugar water for them. we'll see if that works.
I might sound like a nerd talking about all this stuff, but i love it, oh, and the butterfly, which hatched from its chrysalis below, thats right outside my window, lots of nature stuff is good and keeps me feeling positive about life!
The other con is the no health insurance thing, living in america in general is hard when you have a job that doesn't provide you with any , and i got thinking about it when i read Seeds and Stitches bit about the NHS the other day, ( who is way more articulate about it than me ) The whole issue makes me blood boil, so please lets get health insurance for everyone.
ok preaching over.

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